Citizens On SSDI or SSI Should Know They Can Get Free Help Returning to Work

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Paula Vieillet, Founder of My Employment Options, is getting the word out to clinicians that their clients on SSI or SSDI can return to work gradually with the help of the Free Ticket to Work Program.

My Employment Options (, a Social Security Administration Employment Network, is putting out the word about a Free federal work program to social workers, case managers, therapists, physical and occupational therapists, psychiatrists, and others who work with men and women receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Many citizens across the nation on SSDI or SSI are unaware that this free federal program is available to them and that it has built-in safety nets and work incentives that can help protect their disability benefits and medical insurance (Medicare or Medicaid) when they start working again.

Job seekers on SSDI or SSI who want to try to return to work could be eligible to receive free professional assistance from an authorized employment network agency, like My Employment Options, as part of the federal return to work program called “Ticket to Work.” This free program was created by Congress in the early 2000s. My Employment Options has been part of the program from its inception!

Job seekers with disabilities may also not realize that they can ‘gradually’ re-enter the workforce and ‘test’ the waters of working with guidance and support every step of the way from agencies like My Employment Options or others in the free program.

“Social workers, nurse clinicians, doctors, and therapists of every variety know the extraordinary benefits that work can bring, in regards to their clients’ self-esteem, mood, energy, and cognitive abilities,” said Paula Vieillet, CEO and Founder of My Employment Options (MEO). “However, at times, professionals may be hesitant to motivate clients to return to work because of the fear of clients losing their SSDI or SSI benefits just because they start working.”

This is where Ticket to Work can help!

My Employment Options is able to work directly with qualified clients on SSDI or SSI (ages 18-64) virtually to help guide them every step of the way as they return to work after injury or illness. All services are free because the program is federal.

Vieillet also notes, “This is the best government program out there! It truly changes lives every day! It allows job seekers on SSDI or SSI to not have to go about it alone and have moral support and guidance. We don’t just help our clients find a job – we help them find suitable employment and can keep in touch with them and guide them for up to 6 years. Many of our own staff have been on SSDI or SSI and have a disability, so we can relate to our clients in a unique way.”

Many of the jobs available to those who are currently receiving SSDI or SSI are “Work from Home” jobs that allow those who qualify to work remotely. This option has opened up the job market to those who might otherwise have trouble commuting or who have issues with being in an onsite setting. Remote work and the types of virtual jobs are also expanding rapidly since the Covid 19 pandemic.

The process of therapists and clinicians helping their clients on SSDI or SSI receive this free help is simple! Clients on SSDI or SSI who want to work can be directed to to submit their online application. This helps My Employment Options’ staff understand their goals, work history, and situation. Job seekers can also call 800-441-3114 Ext 754 to ask questions before applying. My Employment Options currently serves 47 states and helps with Work at Home and Onsite employment.

“I know how gratifying it can be for counselors and therapists to see their clients return to work,” Ms. Vieillet said. “We’re doing what we can to let them know how simple it really can be to make a job part of a realistic plan for so many people, whether struggling with physical or psychological challenges, or both.”

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