Circadian Rhythm Tracking App – Sleep Debt Analysis For More Energy Updated

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As the integration of medical research and smart technology continues to advance, the development team behind an innovative circadian rhythm-tracking platform announces upgrades to its state-of-the-art app.

The latest version of RISE offers users a host of science-backed data to help them maximize their nightly rest. The team’s proprietary tracker technology collates vital statistics via smartphone or wearable device to educate subscribers on their sleep shortfall and how to make it up.

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While there are numerous sleep tracking apps on the market today, most of these work by monitoring sleep stages. RISE takes a different approach by focusing on “sleep debt”, the single largest factor in how people feel day today. By offering users a way to reduce this debt, the app helps people to regain their lost energy and physical and emotional wellbeing.

According to the Sleep Foundation, circadian rhythms are roughly 24-hour cycles controlled by a pacemaker, or master clock, located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the brain. Clock genes in the SCN emit signals throughout the day to regulate activity in the body. The sleep-wake cycle is one of the most prominent and crucial circadian rhythms.

RISE tells you your ideal sleep schedule based on information gleaned through advanced tracking technology. By constructing a biological profile of a user’s sleep and by monitoring the rise and fall of their energy levels throughout the day and night, RISE harnesses science to improve physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.

Users carrying a particularly large sleep debt can expect to feel a marked difference within 5 days of using the app. While it takes time to pay back sleep debt, daily concentration and performance levels will be noticeably higher. In addition, integration with Apple’s Health app enables RISE to include movement data as part of its recommendations.

About Rise Science

Led by co-founders Leon Sasson and Jeff Kahn, both of whom have a background in behavioral and sleep science, the company is dedicated to helping its customers find renewed energy, focus, and motivation through the reduction of sleep debt.

A spokesperson says, “You have no idea how sleep deprived you are right now. However, get the sleep your body needs, and you’ll wake feeling and performing your best.”

With the launch of the updated version of RISE, people across the globe can look forward to a restful future, unlocking their potential with science-led sleep data to form new positive daily habits.

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