Circadian Rhythm Tracking App For Improved Rest – Sleep Hygiene Tool Updated

Rise Science have updated their RISE app, designed to help users track their sleep cycles and circadian rhythm for improved sleep and overall wellbeing.

The latest updates offer customers the opportunity to learn about their sleep debt, improve their daily habits and boost their productivity through better sleep and circadian rhythm alignment.

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The RISE app, available on Apple and Android, provides customers with a tool to track their daily energy level and understand their sleep debt through the use of optimization recommendations via the app.

Prioritizing sleep has become a popular topic for discussion in the last few years, and many people have begun to invest in tracking devices to improve their daily routines. Rise Science understands that sleep hygiene begins during the waking hours, and isn’t limited to the time spent snoozing.

Developed to provide users with accurate insights into their energy levels and sleeping patterns, the app pulls historical data from a user’s smartphone to offer details on their sleep needs, sleep debt, and when they should be going to bed. Using the in-built gyroscope and motion sensors in modern phones, the RISE app requires no wearables to properly monitor sleep, and can be synced with other devices.

Though the brain will subjectively adapt to a lack of sleep, sleep deprivation has an enormous objective effect on productivity and energy levels on a daily basis. Over time, the performance of day-to-day tasks begins to deteriorate due to accumulated sleep debt, making sleep tracking one of the most beneficial additions to modern life.

Drawing on a working knowledge of sleep science and backgrounds in behavioral science, co-founders Leon Sasson and Jeff Kahn have created an app that offers more than any other sleep tracker available. Users are able to see how their sleep debt and circadian rhythm are affected by their schedule and monitor their energy levels and habits to improve their overall wellbeing.

With the latest announcement, Rise Science continues to invest in offering science-based, sleep tracking tools compatible with any lifestyle, and most smartphone devices.

“RISE learns your unique sleep biology and customizes your entire experience accordingly,” said a company spokesperson. “You are not just any random person who needs 8 hours of sleep. You’re you: how much sleep you need and the times of your energy peaks and dips are unique.”

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