Circadian Rhythm Newborn Sleep Advice Science-Backed Video Launched

A new video report has been launched for parents of newborn babies who want to get their children to sleep through the night. It offers expert guidance, in addition to essential resources, tips and article recommendations.

A new report and video has been launched with a focus on improving newborn baby sleep, so that parents can get more rest. It is proven by over 17,000 well rested parents, and is backed by science to ensure that babies can sleep like clockwork.

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Interested parents can sign up for the new report and view the video simply by entering their details in the form at the link provided above. It gives them instant access to the information and allows them to revolutionize their sleep patterns going forward.

The latest research shows that, on average, new parents will get about four hours and 44 minutes of sleep during the first year of their baby’s life.

This data reveals that both mothers and fathers are sleeping 59% less than the recommended eight hours per night that it’s important to aim for to ensure good physical and mental health, and a well rested body.

It can feel incredibly frustrating as a parent when the baby wakes in the night, or when they have trouble sleeping at all. Their circadian rhythm is different and they are unlikely to sleep in once the day begins.

While babies on average will learn to sleep through more of the night as they grow, this isn’t reliable, and many babies have troublesome nights long after their first birthday.

For moms with newborn babies who keep them up all night, the new report mentioned above will show them how they can have their child enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

In addition to this, it will also reveal why standard advice, like Fiberizing or co-sleeping can cause long-term damage to the child’s nervous system. This could end up impacting their later life by making panic attacks or anxiety disorders more likely.

The free report is filled with essential resources, tips, articles, recommended products and a range of other pieces of advice.

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