Cinnamon Nutritional Analysis Of Health & Weight Loss Advantages Report Released

The reliable nutrition website Nutri Inspector announced the release of a report analyzing cinnamon and its potential benefits for skin, hair or overall health and weight loss to provide ordinary people with fact-based information and transparent analysis on its real value for a healthier lifestyle.

The popular Nutri Inspector announced the release of a new report with detailed in-depth analysis and fact-based information on cinnamon and its nutritional content or multiple usages, recipes and potential benefits for weight loss, skin and hair care or overall health.

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Nutri Inspector is a highly popular website providing a broad range of high quality, transparent and well-researched food and nutrition facts, information and in-depth analysis along with useful, simple and actionable tips that can be implemented by ordinary people looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The prominent nutrition website announced the release of a new report analyzing cinnamon and its potential benefits for the skin, hair and general health as well as weight loss, by compiling detailed fact-based information and in-depth expert analysis to provide a transparent conclusion and advise on its inclusion in the family diet.

The Nutri Inspector report also reveals and analyses the origins of cinnamon and how its nutrients, vitamins and proprieties interact with the body or information on the different types of cinnamon and which ones work better along with details on its different usages or most popular recipes, from cinnamon and honey tea to cinnamon sticks, and more.

More information on the Nutri Inspector and its range of valuable, transparent and informational or analytical articles, reports and tips on nutrition and food to help people make informed lifestyle and nutrition decisions can be consulted on the website link provided above along with the full cinnamon report also available at

The Nutri Inspector founder, Cindy Wilson, explains that “our mission is to present people with useful lifestyle and nutrition advice, publishing only well-researched information and facts that will make an actual impact on their lives. We want to reveal food facts, as transparent as possible, to help them choose the right nutrition for themselves and their family”.

She adds that “many sites are failing in this concept, so I decided to make something different. Nutri Inspector will never be about promoting scam diets and recommending expensive and sponsored products. Our commitment is to always try to be different by sharing only realistic, simplified and evidence-based actionable tips that can be implemented by ordinary people”.

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