Cindy Donovan Rank Hijack 2017 SEO Traffic Optimization Software Announced

Cindy Donovan, a professional software developer and digital marketing expert, launched a new SEO ranking optimization software called Rank Hijack. The software identifies high-authority keyword-related websites and uses them to generate high-quality backlinks to the desired keywords.

Software developer and digital marketing expert Cindy Donovan announced Rank Hijack, a new SEO ranking optimization software.

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Online marketing has grown considerably over the past decade, with more and more businesses looking to leverage the immense marketing potential of digital and online mediums. According to recent studies, more than 90% of all clients have used online reviews and Google searches to find both online and offline products and services, making online visibility one of the most important overall business success factors.

Google searches are particularly powerful, as it is the powerful search engine that accounts for most organic traffic. Traffic analysis shows that more than two third of all keyword-specific traffic go to the top three search results, with more than 95% going to first page entries. This makes professional SEO expertise crucial for online visibility.

However, the constant Google algorithm updates make it increasingly difficult for business owners to reach top ranks for high-competition keywords. High quality backlinks are often difficult to create, thus reducing the chances of ranking high for the target keywords.

Rank Hijack is a new software automatically identifying high-authority sites for the user’s selected keywords, and using those sites to generate high-authority backlinks.

The software uses entirely legal methods to generate backlinks by connecting the user’s webpage to the high-authority website via genuine content and other established strategies.

The high-authority pages that Rank Hijack identifies are webpages allowing users to create and host their own content on their platforms. The newly-created webpages will then act as a powerful backlinking tool for ranking and SEO purposes.

This strategy has proved extremely successful over the years, as it uses genuine SEO ranking principles to leverage existing website for target keyword promotion purposes.

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