Cincinnati Solar Company raises over $ 1 million in funding through Crowdfunding

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A Cincinnati company has raised over $1million through equity crowd funding. Gosun Inc., which was started in a garage in the farming region of Wooden Shoe seems to be capturing the interest of investors just like it captured the interest from buyers its solar appliances.

GoSun announces that more than $1,300,00 has been raised through crowdfunding as part of its effort towards achieving a safer climate and a more habitable environment.

GoSun is a company that focuses on developing solar technologies that perform better than the traditional outdoor gear, and at the same time, ensuring zero release of emissions while making outdoor life more enjoyable for its customers.

The Cincinnati-based company is a leading firm in creating a fuel-free community and promoting the use of solar as the future of energy around the world. The commitment of GoSun to accomplish a healthier world has always been recognized right from its early days.

In 2017, GoSun was awarded the Fast Company’s 2017 World-Changing Ideas Award while also winning the Small Business of the Year by the Consumer Technology Association in the same year. Two years later, the innovative solar company also bagged the 2019 CES Climate Change Innovator Award. And most recently, GoSun has also been the recipient of the CES Innovation Awards 2021 Honoree.

Given these recognitions, it is not surprising that many investors are willing to join this leading solar company. Under this crowdfinaning over 1000 investors have invested with a valuation at $60 million. Both the crowdfunding and revenues are expected to continue to rise, especially as more people are showing interest in playing their part in fighting climate change, and people continue to learn the values of outdoor recreation.

Aside from being a reputable brand with a proven track record of growth and revenues that exceeded $3.9 million in 2020, GoSun is expected to continue experiencing support and recognition as it makes an effort into providing portable power for individuals to live healthier and more independent lives.

As a growing recognized solar branded company, GoSun intends to continue selling solar-powered products to different countries around the world to ensure that more people are using gadgets that don’t only make their lives easier but support a cleaner and safer world. GoSun will continue to work towards finding solutions to climate challenges.

GoSun current series of products, include Solar Ovens, Solar Coolers, Solar Power Generators, Solar Water Filters , and Solar coffee makers. . These products are not only easy, affordable, and friendly to use; they help prevent reliance on fossil fuels that make our lives more vulnerable. Also they allow people to become more resilient whenever there are power outages due to weather, or fire.

GoSun solar products ensure that customers do not lose the fun of outdoor creation; instead, it ensures they can actually have more fun with family and friends without having to carry or worry about unnecessary fuel or ice.

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