Cincinnati, Ohio Marketing Consultant Company Rebranding

Comtrex, LLC, a Cincinnati Ohio based marketing and consulting company, is rebranding as Intercept Marketing, LLC. The new focus is on “interception” marketing strategies, as opposed “interruption” marketing methods

As a result of a change in the company’s vision, Comtrex, LLC, a Cincinnati-based digital marketing company, has announced it will be re-branding as Intercept Marketing, LLC.

Said Chief Relationship Officer, Rick Barron “The re-branding is more than a new name. We focused our service offerings to provide greater value, updated our processes to reduce time to completion, and bundled offerings to reduce the investment for entry. Prospects and clients alike now have a stronger, more responsive strategic partner at their side to grow their business.”

The company provides a wide range of digital marketing solutions, among them: marketing consulting, website design, search engine optimization, lead generation, video marketing strategies, website hosting, security, maintenance, and update packages to fit most budgets.

Online marketing has grown tremendously in recent years, with more and more businesses looking for effective ways to leverage the immense marketing potential of online resources. Surveys show that more than 90% of all clients use Google searches and online reviews to find both online and offline products and services, making online visibility crucial to overall business success.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is particularly important, as it’s primarily through Google that most clients first come into contact with business websites. Recent algorithm updates have increased the importance of factors such as user experience, keyword and content relevance, mobile optimization and many others, prompting many local businesses to seek professional SEO solutions.

The company’s vision is based on the idea of interception rather than interruption, a marketing strategy focusing on providing relevant services to high-potential visitors. Unlike interruption marketing, which is the traditional marketing approach based on increased brand exposure irrespective of buying intent, interception marketing strives to promote the company’s services only to those with a serious interest in them.

To help businesses become more visible to potential clients, the company provides extensive marketing strategy consultation and SEO services. Intercept Marketing provides complete keyword and content optimization, as well as cross-platform website optimization, to increase Google ranking for the target keywords.

The company also provides complete digital marketing strategy services, helping clients develop sustainable marketing plans to improve their reputation and attract more clients.

Intercept Marketing, LLC can be contacted at:

270 Northland Blvd. Suite 209 Cincinnati, Ohio 45246 1-888-832-0711

Release ID: 185830