Cincinnati Northern KY Indoor Plants Horticulture For Office Consultation Launch

Innergreen has launched a new consultation focusing on the benefits it can offer to local businesses in the Northern KY area, along with Greater Cincinnati. It offers plant installation and care to help promote a greener, more impressive office space.

A new free consultation for businesses needing help with choosing or maintaining indoor plants in offices in the Northern Kentucky area is offered by Innergreen, Kentucky’s premium indoor plant service provider. The company was founded over 30 years ago as a small family business and prides itself on its high quality services, and placing the customer experience at the forefront of its services.

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When the company was created, it was in order to specialize in the design and care of interior plants and containers in order to help companies in the Greater Cincinnati area and Northern Kentucky.

Through achieving these goals, it can help to produce and maintain a great image for its clients, so that when customers, prospects, employees and visitors come into the office, they see it as a place of peace, beauty, and positivity.

Having a powerful first impression and maintaining a healthy, prosperous and green office can result in a healthier bottom line.

The consultation explains that when businesses want to get in touch with Innergreen in order to diversify and adapt their office space to include lush greenery, the process first begins with a walk through of the office.

This helps the staff to assess the spatial and aesthetic needs of the workspace, and tailor a unique creation package to suit their needs. In addition to this, it will allow them to think up a plan that will maximize the plants’ impact.

The Interior Plant Care Technicians provided by Innergreen are uniformed, trained professionals. Each member of staff is friendly and knowledgable about the specific needs of the plants they use and provide.

Innergreen explains that its staff receive a continual education, which helps to ensure that they are always at the cutting edge of horticulture and interior plant services and care. In addition to this, each member of the staff has passed a screening process and background check, so there are no security worries for clients.

Innergreen can work with all businesses in the local area. Further information can be found at:

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