Cincinnati Jewelry Concierge At-Home Personal Shopper Service Announced

A personal jewelry expert in the Greater Cincinnati area has announced he can now come to customers at a time that fits their schedule. This makes it easier for anyone to find jewelry that fits their needs and styles.

A new “come-to-you” concierge jewelry service has been launched by Ziv International Company, coming to customers at their own convenience at a time that best fits their schedule. This makes it ideal for anyone who is wanting a luxury jewelry buying experience fitted around their busy lifestyle.

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There are a number of benefits to shopping for jewelry in this way, including saving time in the shopping process. Customers are able to get a better value on their gems and jewelry pieces, while benefitting from overhead costs.

When shopping with Ziv International Company, customers get to work with a private jeweler that acquires goods for them. This means they can find items that fit their specific needs and desired price point, streamlining the entire jewelry shopping process.

Ziv International Company is run by Egal Ziv, who offers his jewelry services as a personal, private jeweler for customers looking to find new items. For more than 30 years, Ziv International Company has been collaborating with customers from its bases in Cincinnati, New York, and Tel Aviv.

From these locations, it is able to serve customers throughout the world and help connect them with beautiful jewelry pieces to suit their needs and styles.

Ziv International Company states: “I serve as your private jewelry expert in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. I specialize in diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces, tennis bracelets, and custom pieces, along with wedding and anniversary bands.”

One of the things that separates Ziv International Company from other jewelers is that overhead costs are kept low. This means customers get to benefit from lower costs overall, because the overheads like sales reps, retail space, and admin expenses aren’t passed on to them.

What’s more, because Egal Ziv works as his clients’ personal jewelry shopper, he is able to get to know their specific desires and wants. This means customers are more likely to find what they’re looking for and be wowed by the jewelry they find.

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