Cincinnati Diversity Recruitment Consulting – Talent Acquisition Service Updated

With President Biden recently issuing a new executive order on diversity in the Federal workforce, HamiltonDemo (513-257-9683), a Cincinnati-based recruitment consultancy firm, announces updated services for employers, focusing on equity, accessibility, and a wider scope to professional talent acquisition.

HamiltonDemo’s latest launch helps clients locate, attract, and hire a diverse pool of candidates for vacancies. The veteran-owned company is committed to equal opportunities in the workplace, ensuring all of its employees are educated on the nature and importance of diversity, while also helping businesses to thrive and expand through progressive recruitment policies.

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This latest announcement details a range of benefits for employers who are seeking an alternative to traditional talent searches. While these may be well-intentioned, they often compound the systemic imbalances of employment opportunities across the US. HamiltonDemo brings many years of experience in sourcing an extensive array of unique candidates from across the globe.

While racial equality continues to dominate the headlines, the pursuit of diversity in the workplace also includes factors such as gender identity, sexual orientation, and disabilities. While US society as a whole is becoming more diverse, these changes are not always immediately reflected in a predominantly conservative recruitment market. HamiltonDemo is committed to furthering the cause of under-represented groups across all sectors of the economy.

HamiltonDemo has a dedicated Diversity Practice Team schooled in the complexities, nuances, and commercial realities of being part of a multicultural workforce and the attendant benefits of a diverse talent pool for employers. Clients opting for the Retained Search program are presented with over 200 vetted candidates for available positions, based on initial face-to-face sessions with their appointed recruitment agents.

The company can also provide project-based recruitment services for clients who need to augment their teams for specific periods. HamiltonDemo works closely with HR departments to ensure seamless integration with brand values and role-specific requirements.

About HamiltonDemo

The company is led by Yvan Demosthenes, who brings over 20 years of experience in sales, talent acquisition, and recruiting. HamiltonDemo is proud to offer a versatile range of services from online advertising and technology integration to diverse recruitment programs and executive role placements. Learn more at

Yvan Demosthenes shares, “As a boutique firm with a national reach, we have the scale to ensure your needs are comprehensively met while possessing the flexibility to tailor our approach to your search’s unique challenges. Working with Peter Pinto and the team at BeeSeen Solutions has allowed us to enhance our digital strategies without being burdened with huge expenses. The ROI has been tenfold and has no signs of slowing down.”

With its latest service expansion, HamiltonDemo continues to set the standard for comprehensive diversity recruitment programs.

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