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Nick Swetnam, owner of “Craft Your Story”, has announced he can help churches to engage with attendees and impact more people. He offers expert marketing advice and coaching across a range of areas.

Nick Swetnam, the creator of “Craft Your Story”, has announced he can help churches to increase attendee engagement and impact more people while achieving their campaign goals. The marketing specialist offers expert marketing strategy and coaching for churches, who are realizing the need to invest in great marketing in order to get their message out there.

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“Craft Your Story” was created to help more churches reach the audience they want to connect with. As culture develops and grows, many churches are finding it more difficult to engage with their local residents and attendees.

When a church has an outdated or irrelevant message, they will quickly notice their attendance dropping. People are unsure who they are, and are less likely to attend the church.

This can lead to church leaders losing their significance in the local community, because people aren’t understanding their message. This will limit the leader’s ability to engage with their community.

However, through tailored marketing strategies, churches can more easily engage with their audience and their attendees. While most churches have trouble communicating their message clearly, through strategy and marketing coaching, Nick Swetnam is able to help them “craft their story”.

A clear marketing campaign and clear story can help in a variety of different areas. This includes capital campaigns, where a clear message will result in higher giving.

It’s also important to focus on the church website, so that they are better able to engage more users and ultimately get more people to attend the church.

Using the StoryBrand framework, churches can try their hand at testimony videos, which allows them to tell better life stories. Video is hugely powerful and easy to engage with, and can lead to better attendance and interaction with the church.

Nick states: “Each church is unique and so are your needs. I evaluate your specific needs for your unique church. Once I know your unique needs I create a custom plan that gives you clear direction on how to move forward.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit his website on the link provided above.

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