Chronic Pain Relief Website Redesign Helps Pain Sufferers Find Control

Have you been searching for information about Pain Control? There is a world of information on pain solutions, pain creams, pain relief and pain management. is loaded with great information regularly adds brand new content to deliver the most recent news.

Pain control shouldn’t be the first thing on a person’s mind when stepping out of bed in the morning, but, unfortunately, it is for the 100 million Americans suffering with chronic pain.

But users of the recently redesigned website, (Solutions for Chronic Pain Relief) are finally finding solutions to ease their ailments and control their pain.

Site publisher Scott Hall said the page originally was launched in 2014 as a guide for those who could not find relief from the pain caused by various conditions. The purpose, he said, was “To help uncover and publicize solutions for chronic pain sufferers.” The face lift for Pain Control will allow for easier access to content, he added.

Visitors searching for solutions can find information on everything from muscle, tendon, or bone pain, to articles on natural pain relief and precautions for those using popular treatments, like topical pain relief and chemical components in medications.

“We focus not only on pain remedies that are fast and effective, but are also safe for the chronic pain sufferer.” Hall said.

Michael Harvey of Pennsylvania has been suffering from shoulder pain for years due to an untreated injury many years ago. He has tried everything from physical therapy to regular cortisone shots. He finds short-term relief but, inevitably, the pain returns.

He recently explored the new site and was surprised to find answers right at his fingertips that he hadn’t fully understood through his visits with the doctor.

“The site not only showed me exactly what goes on inside my shoulder, but taught me how to better describe my pain to my doctor and how to pinpoint exactly what is causing it,” Harvey said. “After all these years, I think I may have finally figured out what caused my years of suffering. Maybe now I’ll find a solution.”

A significant focus for is arthritis relief with the addition of the “20 Secrets to Control Arthritis Pain.” This free special report located in the “From the Doctor’s Desk” to provide further insight on those suffering from the pain caused by arthritis.

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