Chronic Neck Pain On Right Side Ancestral Trauma Rapid Healing Technique Launch

Chinese Energetics introduces a new breakthrough rapid healing technique that targets neck pain found on the right side. The group resolves pain by removing ancestral memories from the bones.

The ancient technique by Chinese Energetics addresses chronic neck pain on the right side. Paul Wong, the founder, explains that pain is often a manifestation of unresolved generational trauma. Using energy medicine, the healing practitioners release the body’s programs and memories from the bones.

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Chinese holistic therapists believe that chronic neck pain is connected to the body’s unresolved sufferings and traumas. Sufferings can be based on one’s own life or passed on from ancestors. With the new healing techniques, patients are permitted to heal their past and remove ancestral curses in themselves. This results in a lighter spirit, which consequently removes neck pain, especially on the right side.

The body, especially the bones, begins to absorb all life experiences from birth until the present. These experiences can be physically, emotionally, and psychologically painful. Many people don’t know that their bones record memories of every single experience, which are then forgotten and stored inside the body.

While consciously forgotten, the bones remember the pain and then react to life unconsciously. When faced with similar fight or flight situations, the bones will react painfully due to the stored memories.

Bones will continue to react until the emotions of old forgotten memories or traumas are released and detoxed from the body. When this happens, long-term chronic pain can be resolved after several sessions.

The practitioners of Chinese Energetics help release forgotten memories in a natural non-touch holistic way via Zoom or Skype by observing unconscious body tensions connected to the pain. Then, they guide clients to release old memories and traumas.

New clients are encouraged to watch free pain relief videos and schedule appointments online.

Manufacturing business owner turned executive life coach and hypnotherapist Connie Huft states, “It’s truly changed my life. Even though l am doing self-work over the past six, seven years of my life, Paul’s work helped me to get through the deep-seated emotional issues that l didn’t know were even there. It was affecting me physically and even financially. It was pretty amazing processing stuck emotions connected to my early life and ancestors.”

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