Christmas Dinosaur Adventure Childrens Book Teaching Teamwork And Love Announced

Promeza Publishing announced that it has restocked its popular children’s Christmas book, “Guardians of the Tree: A Christmas Dinosaur Adventure”. The book is recommended for children and adult dino lovers.

In preparation for the holiday rush, The Christmas Dinosaur book is now back in stock, says Promeza Publishing. The book tells the story of two tiny dinosaurs and how they helped a family celebrate Christmas with love and joy. Meant for children aged four to ten, the book combines all the elements of teamwork and the spirit of the Yuletide season.

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The newly restocked book is made for the dino lover in the family. Parents who order the Christmas classic will also receive two dinosaur ornaments that they can hang on their family tree for only $29.98 for the entire set. The company says that they have limited stocks of the ornaments and encourages parents to claim their bundles while supplies last.

The publisher explains that Christmas is often the time when families can get together. As the year winds down, many parents spend more time with their children; and this provides the perfect opportunity to read fun stories that teach valuable lessons. Further information can be found at

In a Christmas Dinosaur Adventure, children are taught the value of helping others while finding out their self-worth. Just like with the tiny dinosaur heroes in the book, kids understand that working together to achieve a goal can only be accomplished if all members of the team are selfless.

Being too proud, the book notes, can often lead to teammates arguing with each other and not reaching their goals. The book keeps children on the edge of their seats while following a story filled with adventure, love, and a sprinkling of Christmas magic.

Parents can read the story while letting their children play with their dinosaur ornaments. They can also choose where they want to hang them on the Christmas tree.

A happy parent wrote, “My son loved it. He has asked me to read it every night before going to bed. He loves to play with the ornaments while I read to him. It really makes our Christmas more special.”

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