Christian Training & Guidance Facebook Livestream Page & New Website Launched

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Apostle Dorothy J. Lee announces the launch of her new website and Facebook live streaming page. A devout Christian, she leads people towards a closer walk with God.

Announcing the launch of Apostle Dorothy J. Lee’s new website and live stream Facebook page. Dorothy ministers as a teacher, mentor, and spiritual guide.

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Apostle Dorothy J. Lee announces the launch of her Facebook live stream page and new website. Through these avenues, she offers guidance and spiritual encouragement to a worldwide audience of thought leaders. She also trains and counsels men and women who are thinking of or have already entered full-time into Christian service and ministry.

For over 50 years, Dorothy has been a committed follower of the Lord Jesus. She attended a Bible College for several years of initial study. For the decades since then, she has been a faithful and participative student in the school of the Holy Spirit. Through many difficult trials and tests, the Holy Spirit has taught and led her.

Ms. Dorothy J. Lee has learned the secret of dying to self in order to become an overcomer in life. During these years of intense personal learning and spiritual growth, Ms. Dorothy also worked as a worship leader and Bible college teacher. She is a mentor and guide for anyone who wishes to walk with God and have their lives transformed.

In the ’80s, Ms. Dorothy J. Lee accepted the mantle of an apostle. She was ordained as a pastor in 1998. Soon after, she founded The Magnificent One Christian Ministries, which is prophetic and apostolic in nature.

Apostle Dorothy J. Lee ‘s main role currently is as a teaching apostle of holiness. The two-fold focus of her ministry is to impart her knowledge to the leaders in the church, government, and business, and to prepare men and women for ministry.

She has authored books and blogs and created numerous videos to reach out to those seeking guidance. For more information visit or the link given above.

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