Christian Author, Ruth Price Releases Newest Book in Amish Second Chances Series

Amish fiction writer, Ruth Price releases Lancaster County Second Chances 5, the newest in her bestselling Amish fiction book Lancaster County Second Chances series. Readers will enjoy this exciting new release in the bestselling Amish fiction series Lancaster County Second Chances.

Amish book readers looking for the newest Amish fiction book can purchase Lancaster County Second Chances 5 by Ruth Price for $2.99 on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd and Page Foundry today. This is Book 5, the newest installment in the bestselling Lancaster County Second Chances series.

In Lancaster County Second Chances 5, with her marriage in peril and on the verge of being Shunned for using a cellular phone, newlywed Cora Muller stands at the verge of losing everything. But when she and her best friend Mary are judged before the district elders, the book asks if the girls will be given a second chance. Readers will also wonder what about Leah Hauser, who is willing to go any length to rip Cora and Isaac’s marriage apart so that she can have Isaac to herself. Fans will be on the edges of their seats, guessing if Isaac will succumb to Leah’s charms and debating if Cora can keep her temper in order to save her marriage.

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Amish author, Ruth Price strives in her fiction to channel a higher good, and while she doesn’t always reach that ideal, she hopes that her readers are entertained and inspired by her stories. Christian readers will find this book engaging, dynamic, and ultimately uplifting.

Readers have raved about Ruth Price’s Lancaster County Second Chances series.

About the first book of the series, Lancaster County Second Chances, Amazon reader, Linda Knott, says: “A very good book, showing how years or months of loss can be turned around and happiness found. An easy afternoon read and although there are the sad parts dealing with death, there are lessons to be learned.”

About book 2, Lancaster County Second Chances 2, reader, Amazon Book Purchaser, notes, “Enjoyed this book as it finally shows a bit of why teens need to be careful. Actions and consequences that young people may not think important right now…”

About book 4, Lancaster County Second Chances 4, reader, Eleanor Gravitt, raves, “I started this series on Book 4 because it was on sale, but after reading it, I have to go back and pick up the first three books! The characters are so real and warm! I love Katie, Joseph, Isaac, Cora and Mary!”

Lancaster County Second Chances 5 is also starting to get positive feedback, with Amazon Book Purchaser stating in a 5-star review, “I enjoyed reading this book as it showed insights into the care of HOW ‘English’ devices are used more than the actual object causing the problems. Sound reasoning…”

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Lancaster County Second Chances 5 is being offered $2.99 on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd and Page Foundry.

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