Christchurch Content Marketing Expert Google Ranking Campaign Service Updated

A newly updated content marketing service has been launched by LOCALTACTIC in Christchurch. Clients can get bespoke content marketing solutions to help their business grow.

A leading Christchurch-based marketing agency has launched an updated multi-platform service to help local clients improve their web presence. LOCALTACTIC utilizes a bespoke approach to content marketing to position businesses as leaders in their field and connect with more customers.

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The team specializes in affordable marketing that is based around getting reliable, proven results. Businesses in any niche can get in touch to improve their ROI, increase Google ranking, and drive more sales.

LOCALTACTIC offers the creation, publication and distribution of effective content marketing strategies across sectors. This can all be provided for less than 10% of the cost of in-house marketing projects.

They explain that the key to being seen in today’s competitive marketplace is to create relevant content on an ongoing basis. Each month, their experts can create and distribute relevant content to help clients get their business noticed.

All content is professionally created and tailored to industry requirements and standards. Clients can also ensure it is relevant to their location and to the unique needs of their customer base.

Content types cover a variety of styles and platforms, including podcasts, PDF generation, SlideShare design, videos, professionally written articles, and news stories.

Clients can get in touch with LOCALTACTIC to grow their brand and place content on major online platforms. This includes leading news sites, top financial platforms, relevant blogs, YouTube and more.

The company states: “We have the best-for-price specialized news and media distribution. We make unique multimedia placements on authority sites and more. We do unseen optimization, map embeds and other proprietary secret sauce techniques.”

“Local businesses aren’t too newsworthy so they need to do their own content marketing. Each LOCALTACTIC campaign you run feeds the cycle, and gradually over time, the business is getting more visibility, More traffic, phone calls, real word visits, brand mentions, and brand searches.”

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