Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz Tier 1 PR Media Distribution Empowers Local Businesses

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz announced the release of a special offer Tier 1 press release media distribution service that helps local businesses get overnight media exposure on more than 400 brand name media outlets.

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz announced the release of a special offer of their Tier 1 press release media distribution service for local businesses, which is aimed at making the writing and distribution of high-ranking press releases on brand name sites like ABC, NBC, Fox News, CBS and many more big traffic sites a much easier, effective, and accessible process.

Those wishing to learn more about the PressCable press release distribution service can visit

Serial SaaS entrepreneur, viral content strategist, and sales expert, Chris Munch created PressCable with the desire to fix a broken PR industry by disrupting and leveling the playing field for every Underdog who wants to get their message heard.

Today, PressCable is the fastest growing press release company: the powerful and intuitive PressCable press release distribution platform helps organizations, e-commerce brands, small and local businesses and entrepreneurs break the traditional PR and marketing barriers, increase their traffic and visibility online and grow their brands exponentially.

Co-founder and CEO of PressCable, Chris Munch says “our team has spent years developing an innovative platform that allows users to generate an influx of targeted visitors on demand through a simple 3-step process. We are using the power of online PR & Cerebral SEO to multiply the growth and revenue of local businesses, physical products and more in all kinds of niches.”

PressCable significantly improves the efficiency and productivity of a marketing team as it features a high-authority distribution on more brand name media sites than any other high-end competitor.

In addition to that, it offers best-in-class marketing and sales training, an intuitive user interface with press release templates for a huge variety of niches and purposes, and expert PR writing team services. The PressCable help desk and a supportive Facebook Mastermind group guide users with a plethora of knowledge on topics related but not limited to marketing tips, sales techniques, and best e-commerce practices.

Jay Cruiz, a partner at PressCable and sales experts, explains that the PressCable service for local businesses features business news distribution and publication on the most respected sites online: more than 400+ media sites such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and affiliates.

“PressCable gives local businesses the opportunity to grab the attention of their target audience in a world dominated by mainstream media, mega-corporations and celebrity worship and build top-of-mind brand awareness in the minds of potential customers; to boost traffic, conversions and sales,” shares Cruiz.

Again, those wishing to learn more about the Tier 1 press release distribution service and have their brands featured on high-authority sites can visit

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