Choosing The Right Stationary Exercise Bike – A New Site Helps With The Selection Process

With so many features and types to choose from, buying a stationary exercise bike today can be frustrating.This new site,, makes the selection process much easier.

Centered around the stationary indoor exercise bike, this new and unusual site,, tries to help consumers by categorizing the many types of bikes available in the market today, thereby making it easier for the potential buyer to make the right choice.

There are too many features that make the entire purchasing experience confusing and frustrating. It would be useful to know the exact number of bell and whistles a buyer would actually put into use before selecting a model. sets out to present what is available in an unbiased way. It is heavily reliant on the experiences and model specific reviews of people who have already purchased.

This helps as a buyer has to decide whether an upright exercise bike, folding exercise bike, recumbent exercise bike or spinning bike is most suitable for their use. For example, if a consumer lives in a small apartment, a foldaway stationary bike could be the right choice.

To many people, pedaling a stationary exercise bike, even a sophisticated one, might seem like the ultimate in boring activity. A mental image exists of what an indoor exercise bikes looked like twenty years ago – rickety, poorly made and uncomfortable.

So much has changed. A consumer can now go online to check out today’s new indoor exercise bike models and view the array of features to choose from.

Full of electronics with programming options to simulate cycling up and down mountains, calorie-burning calculators, heart rate monitors and distance traveled monitors, it can be confusing for a person who has decided to buy a stationary exercise bike but is overwhelmed by all the options available.

For example, there is an exercise bike that is equipped with a desk allowing an individual to work at a computer. Or if one likes to be stimulated, one can watch a tour-simulating video while cycling up and down the French Alps on a twenty-minute ride. 

And if the use of a regular road bike is required for indoor training during the winter, a consumer has to decide what is the the most suitable bike trainer stand to choose from: magnetic bike trainer, fluid bike trainer or wind trainer.

All types of indoor exercise bikes have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Many people are of the opinion that, regardless of what is being searched for, there are just too many choices available today. is set up in a way that will assist people in looking for the best and most suitable stationary indoor exercise bike.

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