Chlorine Dioxide for Water Purification – Clean Water for Freedom Report

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Supplier of chlorine dioxide water purification solutions Oneness Labs launches a new report discussing the connection between clean water and the concept of freedom.

Clean Water Represents Freedom & Unity for Mankind’, the American-based online supplier examines what the notion of ‘freedom’ means in the modern world.

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With many regions of the world suffering from food and clean water shortages, the new report from Oneness Labs also looks at the impact clean water can have in people’s lives, including those living in developed countries.

World Vision reports that 785 million people, amounting to 1 in 10 globally, lack access to clean drinking water. While many associate the problem with regions like sub-Saharan Africa, the problem is far more widespread. Indeed, some American cities such as Flint, Michigan, have experienced water quality concerns in recent times, spawning what some refer to as a ‘global water crisis’.

Oneness Labs seeks to provide readers with a greater insight into the ramifications by analyzing something that many in America take for granted; freedom. According to the author, the notion of freedom generally refers to the ability to lead life according to personal preferences and without significant hindrance from external factors.

However, the report also states that freedom comes at a price and must be earned. It explains that even the simplest necessities, such as water, form part of the whole that is construed to mean freedom. In doing so, Oneness Labs provides readers with the conclusion that having access to clean drinking water is fundamental for what the United Nations defines as a basic human right.

Oneness Labs was established in 2019 after one of the founders discovered how useful chlorine dioxide water drops were for less privileged communities in South America. The company’s mission is to provide people everywhere with access to pure and clean drinking water, and it now offers a range of chlorine dioxide solutions for purchase in its online store.

A company representative stated: “It is our mission to assist in raising the health and well-being of individuals in the Amazon Region. We continue to reach out to more communities in need and are always amazed to see what a positive impact these drops are having in the lives of many.”

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