Chlorine Dioxide Drops For Water Purification – Travel Kit Report Released

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Oneness Labs (818-213-2927), a water wellness company, has released an educational report about the two activation ingredient options available in their Oneness Drops chlorine dioxide water purification kits for those who are interested in creating clean, safe drinking water.

With the goal of providing safe, clean drinking water, the company’s latest report is recommended for travelers who want an effective water purification method. Now they can easily access a proven water disinfection treatment for great tasting drinking water anywhere they are.

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Oneness Labs’ latest information update helps customers understand the difference between the two water purification activation options available to create pleasant-tasting water that is also clean and safe to drink.

There are two main components to creating chlorine dioxide, namely equal parts of 28% sodium chlorite, and an activator. Here there are two activation alternatives, both of which will result in the creation of water purifying chlorine dioxide, namely 4% hydrochloric acid (HCI) or 50% citric acid.

The difference between the two activation ingredients is essentially in its taste, with citric acid leaving a stronger chlorine taste which some have perceived as seeming cleaner. Hydrochloric acid does not have this aftertaste and is more palatable.

The water purification ingredients will not expire if stored correctly and treated water bottles kept in a cool, dark place can remain clean for approximately 4 years.

Travelers can rest assured that chlorine dioxide will kill harmful water pathogens, bacteria, and parasites when added to their drinking water. However, they must take care to not expose their water bottles to air, excessive heat, or direct sunlight. Exposed water must be re-treated with the same water purification methods.

About Oneness Labs

Oneness Labs was founded in 2019 by one of their directors who experienced how chlorine dioxide helped purify his drinking water and overcome stomach bugs during an Amazon trip in 2008. He consequently gave the water purification drops to others who were living in unhygienic living conditions, with great results. Today they continue their humanitarian work of providing water purification water drops to over 5,000 people in local Amazon communities.

A company spokesperson said, “This product is amazing! It helped me get rid of a stomach bug while traveling abroad. I won’t travel again without it. Thank you.”

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