Chisholm NSW Property Experts For Home Owners Downsizing & Upsizing In 2021

River Realty has expanded their services to help to upsizing or downsizing homeowners in Chisholm, Bolwarra, Maitland, and neighbouring suburbs of the Hunter Valley in selling their properties at the best price.

River Realty, a real estate agency serving Chisholm, Bolwarra, Maitland, East Maitland, and neighbouring suburbs in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, has launched an expanded range of services and checklists to assist home sellers looking to downsize or upsize.

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River Realty’s expanded services allow them to address the needs of homeowners with various property needs. According to a spokesperson for River Realty, while home selling often involves a uniform set of processes, homeowners have to address vastly different factors depending on their goals.

Downsizing individuals are typically retirees or empty nesters whose homes have become too large for their needs. Many seek to move to a smaller, easier to manage home, while other retirees prefer living in retirement communities with their preferred lifestyle amenities or their needed healthcare and daily living assistance.

Upsizing homeowners, on the other hand, are typically growing families whose homes have become too small for all family members’ needs. However, it’s very important to stay close to schools, sporting facilities and parks.

In most instances, both types of sellers are also home buyers who need a new home to move to, and this is primarily where they differ. While downsizing sellers are looking for a smaller and generally cheaper home, upsizing families often need a larger, and therefore more expensive property.

River Realty work with their clients to find a new home in the right location and on budget. Using a very carefully designed checklist to ensure nothing is missed.

With their extensive knowledge of the Hunter Valley real estate market, River Realty agents can help both types of homeowners in selling their homes fast and at the best price, as well as in finding the property that meets their changing needs and budget. The agency’s team are also adept at walking their clients through the right financial and logistical strategies.

In particular, the experts at River Realty can help clients decide whether they should buy their new home first before selling their old one, or vice versa. According to the realty’s spokesperson, the decision to buy or sell first often comes down to a number of factors, including the homeowner’s equity, financial status, and market conditions.

The spokesperson says, “No two home sellers are alike so we provide highly personalized services tailored to the specific circumstances, needs, and preferences of each client.”

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