Chiropractor Medina Ohio Launches Program To Relieve Patients Stubborn Back Pain

A chiropractor Medina Ohio clinic is excited to launch a program consisting of four phases to address pain and alignment issues. The chiropractor team works closely with patients to diminish pain.

Medina’s number one chiropractic office has launched the most comprehensive, holistic back pain relief program in Northeast Ohio. The Advanced Spine, Joint and Wellness Center in Medina Ohio is a unique, integrated office that employs a team of doctors to treat back pain naturally, without medicine or surgery. The team at the Advanced Spine, Joint and Wellness Center has meticulously constructed the Corrective Care program for patients in Medina communities, which consists of four comprehensive phases designed to relieve back pain.

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In Phase 1 of the program, the highly skilled Medina Chiropractor team of Medical Doctors, Physician’s Assistants, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists conglomerate to seek answers for the two following questions. Number one, why does a patient suffer with the problem that they endure? And number two, where is the problem surfacing and where is its root cause centered? The team assumes the role of a detective, and attempt to pinpoint the reasons as to why a patient is experiencing any issues that have arisen.

According to owner, Troy Naftzger, “Finding the exact cause of the problem is critical to understanding how we can treat it. We believe the root of the problem should always be addressed, where as, other physicians might attempt to band aid the problem to relieve symptoms.”

Phase 2 of the program, Relief Care, involves the Chiropractor team working together to reach two crucial goals. The chiropractor Medina Ohio team treats the patient to reduce muscle tightness and tension, while simultaneously restoring motion to the damaged joint or appendage where there is nerve pressure. Owner, Troy Naftzger, states: “I like to use the analogy of the tin man in the Wizard of Oz, oil can and motion.” Now, that sounds simple but most patients have never experienced an entire chiropractor team of medical professionals working together to loosen their joints individually to reinstate proper motion. Patients are often shocked by how much specialized, intensive care that they receive at Advanced Spine, Joint and Wellness because they receive the attention of so many physicians at once.

During Phase 3, stabilization and correction is attained. This phase is similar to applying braces to teeth. When the area afflicted by pain is loosened and moving correctly, the team begins to retrain it slowly like braces retrain teeth to position themselves in the proper locations. With teeth, small adjustments are made over time to begin restructuring alignment, and to achieve patients ultimate goals. The spine is the same. When performed properly, the spine is slowly being restored to proper alignment in this phase and this consequently stabilizes and alleviates the problem.

A patient of Advanced Spine, Joint, and Wellness states: “I am so delighted and relieved to have found the Advanced Spine, Joint and Wellness clinic. I had no idea a chiropractor near me with such an extensive, holistic background and philosophy existed. I began to notice improvements in my pain soon after beginning to work with the team, and my pain lessened as I continued my treatment.”

Phase 4 is long term correction and maintenance. This phase is similar to taking braces off of teeth, and now using a retainer to maintain teeth’s proper positioning perpetually. With spinal health, long term correction occurs over a period of 6-12 months in most patients.

A patient suffering from life-long pain states: “I had been injured in a car accident and thought I would have to deal with my pain for the rest of my life until I found a chiropractor near me that treated not only the injury but also factored the rest of my body into solving my issues.”

This amazing program is covered by all major insurance carriers, and is changing lives by relieving pain that patients had simply resolved to endure because they saw no other solutions. The journey back to wellness starts with an initial consultation with the Chiropractor Medina Ohio team so they can determine how they can help.

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