Chiropractor Kissimmee Has Ties to Medicine Practices from Around the Globe

Chiropractic therapies have been around a lot longer than the public realizes

How long has spinal manipulation been around? Medical historians may point to the late 1800s as the beginning of chiropractic service. The late Daniel David Palmer is credited with treating a deaf person with spinal adjustments that restored his hearing. But the history of spinal manipulation has a much longer grasp reaching far and wide both in a geographic reach as well as a scale of time. In Western texts, Hippocrates himself of 460–385 BCE, alternatively known as the father of medicine, wrote texts for treating scoliosis with the manipulation of the spine.

In areas such as the Balinese of Indonesia, spinal manipulation is a part of traditional medicine practice. It has been observed in Russia, Japan, China, and other parts of the world as well. The method of spinal manipulation somehow seems like a new and emerging technique, but actually is used widely and by many.

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In modern times, chiropractic methods are used to mainly address nerves and the flow of energy through the body. Spines that are misaligned or need adjustment often aren’t serving the body to the best of their ability. By providing the right alignment, chiropractors can cause a range of maladies from the neck, back, or knee pain to pinched nerves in the hands. Seems too good to be true? It’s worth remembering that the spine is just a massive relay service for the whole body. Nerves and sensations travel through our spine to our brain to send messages. When a chiropractor adjusts a backbone, they are helping provide clear messages the body can use. Messages arrive and leave faster, with less garbled noise, and can help invite your body to function on a healthier level.

Peak Health Chiropractor Kissimmee believes working with the body and spine also includes addressing the problems, and not serving as a pain management tool. While some populations may visit and receive adjustments regularly to treat pain, this is not a way to help heal a person. With any patient, the goal is to help a person gain their optimal level of function and mobility. It is not enough to simply make sure the pain goes away but to address the root cause of the pain being produced.

Patients may rest well knowing they are being cared for not just by one individual, but by a whole team. Behind the scenes, Peak Health is working with one another to help inform decisions about treatments, and discussions about what is the best approach for each particular problem. Consider coming in for an evaluation to treat issues of the body, or just be in the best shape you can be with the help of a spinal adjustment.

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