Chiropractor Johnson Technique Ring Dinger Axes Adjustments Training Launched

The Johnson Technique is being taught by Dr. Johnson of Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC. The training will cover all aspects of the X, Y, & Z axes adjustment.

Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson has launched a program to teach his colleagues from around the world to adjust the spine in the X, Y & Z axes including his manual spinal neural decompression adjustment.

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Dr. Johnson of Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC. has launched training other Chiropractors this unique technique from his clinic in Houston TX. He is sharing this X, Y, & Z axes adjustments with Doctors of Chiropractic everywhere.

The Johnson Technique developed by Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson utilizes the Cartesian Coordinate System (X, Y, Z-Axis) to evaluate and adjust the Biomechanical integrity of the human spine, pelvis, and extremities and does pre and post-three-dimensional posture analysis as well as mirror-image adjustments of the spine and extremities.

The training will cover all adjustments that are done with a high velocity, low amplitude specific thrust to realign the joint into its most biomechanically relevant position/alignment to the adjacent bone/joint.

The main objective of this training is to teach the Johnson Chiropractic Technique which detects then corrects biomechanical improprieties of the spine and extremities freeing the human body of neurological and physiological interferences.

Dr. Johnson studied under Dr. Dan Murphy, a Doctor of Chiropractic who teaches Chiropractors around the world in science, especially neuroscience, neurophysiology, neuropathophysiology, biomechanics, Biophysics, and kinetics of the human body. The Johnson technique is a combination of all of the aforementioned techniques.

The key component of the Johnson Chiropractic technique is his revolutionary manual spinal decompression known as the Ring Dinger ®. This Y-Axis decompression adjustment causes a Y-axis distraction of all 24 freely movable vertebrae creating a vacuum between the vertebrae and allowing for retraction of bulging or herniated disc matter.

The launch of this training is designed to train Chiropractic providers to bring relief from common ailments such as herniated disc and other spinal distresses.

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