Chiropractor First to Achieve Postural Correction Certification in Calgary, AB

Local Calgary chiropractor, Dr. Richard Yoshimura, owner of Glow Health & Vitality, announced the beginning of an enhanced Certified Postural Correction service and his new certification from the American Posture Institute, which he believes to be the first of its kind in Calgary.

Earlier today, Glow Health & Vitality ( announced a major enhancement to their Postural Correction service. Dr. Richard Yoshimura, a local Calgary chiropractor has attained certification from the American Posture Institute positions him an expert in postural assessment and correction, which he believes to be the first of its kind in Calgary.

Dr. Yoshimura has completed extensive training in posture correction in the past and has been helping people improve their posture for over two decades. Even so, he believes that one should never stop learning. “We can always learn different and better ways to improve the success of the outcomes for our patients.” he notes during an interview at his SW Calgary Chiropractic and Massage Therapy clinic, just southwest of the downtown core.

This improved program provides advanced testing procedures for identifying sources of postural distortion patterns, additional effective treatment strategies for postural correction and accelerated postural corrective results.

Patients who benefit from this enhanced program will: 1) Move, feel, and look better. 2) Improve their quality of life and level of performance 3) Help prevent or minimize physical and cognitive degenerative conditions.

Health professionals around the world agree that proper posture is a fundamental component to good health. Chiropractors are clear on the importance of proper posture to human well being yet Dr. Yoshimura hasn’t seen many chiropractors that have created and implemented effective postural corrective systems to utilize within their practices for their clients and community.

The entire clinical team at Glow is fully trained to apply the postural corrective assessment, adjustments, and exercises to support the success of their clients. Taking this certification felt like a natural step for Dr. Yoshimura because it was congruent with his knowledge and practical experience with chiropractic, neurology, biomechanics, and mind-body medicine. Postural integrity integrates beautifully into enhanced human function as it relates these elements of life.

When asked what he liked about the certification program, Dr. Yoshimura responded, “The course very detailed on the science behind the devastating effects of poor posture on people’s health and ability to function properly. The program underscored the critical importance of good posture and gave us some new cool and effective ways of helping people get it right.”

Dr. Yoshimura has been a chiropractor for 20 years, working in the Calgary area since 1996. His chiropractic clinic, Glow Health & Vitality offers a wide range of health services including chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, cold laser therapy, custom orthotics, and naturopathic medicine.

Since its inception, the clinic’s mission has been to “Help Make Calgary the Healthiest Community in Canada through Education, Inspiration and Support of a Natural Lifestyle.”

The new Postural Correction by a Certified Expert service is set to launch February 25, 2016. To find out more about the service, the benefits of good posture and Glow Health & Vitality’s health services, visit

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