Chiropractic Treatment Available in Clifton, NJ for Disc Bulges & Herniations

Chiropractic treatment is an effective alternative to traditional medicine for treating bulging discs and herniations. Dr. Licitra of Clifton, NJ is a top-rated chiropractor who provides pain relief treatment to many back pain sufferers. His practice accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna & United HealthCare.

Clifton, NJ chiropractor Dr. Joseph Licitra DC says disc bulges and herniations can often improve with chiropractic care. Anyone who has experienced a bulging or herniated disc can attest to the amount of pain and suffering it can cause, both emotionally and physically. Fortunately, alternative treatment is available for those seeking relief.

Disc bulges and herniations are conditions in which the outer edges of discs located between the vertebrae are damaged, causing the jelly-like center to bulge or be pushed out. Symptoms can be extremely painful, particularly if the damaged disc irritates a surrounding nerve. Some causes include repetitive movements like lifting or bending, sports activities and physical trauma from a car accident or fall.

Individuals suffering from disc bulges and herniations are often reluctant to receive surgical treatment to combat the pain. Chiropractic care has shown to be an effective, non-invasive alternative for individuals looking for a holistic approach to treatment. Pressure on the discs can be relieved through precise adjustments and stretching, but according to Dr. Licitra: “The most important thing is that the issue is properly identified and treated promptly so as to avoid further damage. In the case of disc herniations and bulges, occurrences can be avoided by maintaining core strength and good posture, while minimizing activities that can put a lot of strain on your back while bending.”

With over 35 years of experience under his belt, Dr. Licitra has treated many patients with various back conditions as well as other common conditions such as shoulder pain, neck pain, hip pain and even migraines. His practice is a tier 1 provider within the Blue Cross Blue Shield health care network and serves patients all over Passaic County. Other insurance plans like Aetna and United HealthCare are also accepted.

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