Chiropractic Memphis Southwind Germantown Team Sponsoring FREE Community Dinner

Chiropractic Memphis Southwind Germantown Sponsoring FREE Community Dinner to Present Easy Ways to create and sustain Complete Wellness and Freedom from Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries

March 22 2019 — Memphis TN

Chiropractic Memphis Southwind Germantown is Sponsoring FREE Community Dinner to Present Easy Ways to Complete Wellness and Freedom from Pain

Dr. Alan Arstikaitis and professional health team invites the Memphis, Collierville and Germantown TN community to a Free Community Dinner held at Jim’s Place Grille in Collierville TN Monday at 6:00 PM March 25th, 2019. Dr. Alan’s generous offer is an opportunity to not only thank the communities for their loyalty but to also support his team’s mission which is to provide vital information on how to acquire and maintain full healthy lifestyles for individuals and families.

Dr. Alan Arstikaitis comments “Over the past decade in serving these communities it has become evident this healthy lifestyle protocoll education is very important to the health of the families and individuals.”

The presentation will include details on the following subjects:

1. Choosing the right foods your body can consume greater health

2. How to detox your Body and Home

3. Examples of easy to prepare meals for both Parents and Children

4. 12 minute exercise routine that can be done from home

5. How chiropractic adjustments helps the body’s achieve optimal health

The presentation will also include topics on why choosing organic foods is so important to healthy living and guidance on where to buy them. A demonstration of the 12 minute exercise will invite guests to participate.

Dr. Alan Arstikaitis also comments “The free community dinner is a demonstration of our commitment to serve our community with good information that can not only assist in disease prevention but create and sustain strong healthy lifestyles for the family. We teach practical ways of choosing foods that support vitality and how to avoid toxins hidden in everyday products such as sun block lotions, body lotions and cleaning products. We invite the families to come share a meal while learning very important information on how to make healthy choices for vibrant lifestyles.”

There will also be discussions on how chiropractic care can relieve chronic pain in the body to include neck, shoulders, tennis elbow and upper back pain relief. Relief from migraine headaches, sciatica nerve pain and ear aches in children can be easily achieved with chiropractic care, which is a much healthier alternative than surgery or prescription medications. There will be many testimonials available about the life changing successes clients have experienced.

The free community dinner requires prior registration by calling 901 795 6363 ext 1 The Dinner will take place on March 25th 2019 at 6:00 PM CST at Jim’s Place Grille, 3660 S. Houston Levee Rd, Collierville TN 38017. This is an

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