Chiropractic Memphis Germantown Southwind Tn Offers FREE Workshop “Vitamins 101”

Chiropractic Memphis Germantown Southwind office Dr. Alan Arstikaitis is sponsoring a FREE workshop on Monday April 22, 2019 at 6:00 PM CST Vitamins 101

April 19th Memphis TN

Chiropractic Memphis Germantown Southwind office professional team is sponsoring a FREE workshop on Monday April 22, 2019 at 6:00 PM CST presenting the scientific facts of the importance of proper vitamin and mineral balance for the human body’s needs and the affect vitamin and mineral deficiencies have on overall health. The workshop titled “Vitamin 101” will cover why food isn’t enough to support all of the human body’s requirements for optimal health and vitality.

Dr. Alan Arstikaitis comments “ The SAD diet, which stands for Standard American Diet, is appropriately labeled as sad as it does not promote the essential vitamins and nutrients the human body needs to support energy, vitality and fight diseases. The foods that are commonly consumed by the average person are most likely to be unhealthy processed meats, canned goods and nonorganic fruits and vegetables which are proven to be high in toxins, pesticides and dangerous poisons. The other very concerning issue is the high consumption of fast food meals eaten by the entire family including young children. These meals are empty calories high in saturated fats and chemicals processed in hamburgers and French fries and high sugar drinks. The fast food restaurants are a very tempting meal choice because they promote feeding families fast with affordability and convenience, however their food choices are deprived of essential nutrition, vitamins and minerals that the human body requires to support vitality as evidenced by the overwhelming obesity levels in our communities. The Vitamins 101 free workshop’s mission is to educate our community on why food choices and vitamin and mineral supplements are of critical importance to balance the body’s health and vitality for living the best life possible with disease prevention methodologies.”

The Vitamin 101 free workshop will present the reasons why the condition and nutritional value of our foods have significantly changed due to how the industry processes foods to address the massive volume output due to demand, how the distribution of food through grocery store chains has impacted the true freshness of our foods and how the depleted soil nutrients no longer provide the vital source of nutrients to grow vitamin and mineral fortified foods that were produced decades ago. The free workshop will cover topics such as:

1. How World War II influenced the quality of our food’s nutritional values

2. What are the 6 most dangerous nutritional vitamin and mineral deficiencies

3. How to find quality supplements

4. Which fruits and vegetables have the highest level of toxins and pesticides

5. How to read food labels and the nutritional value of the ingredients

6. What specific ingredients to avoid

7. What are the health symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies

The workshop will include a question and answer session addressing the attendees concerns and specific health conditions and what type of vitamin and mineral supplementation may address those symptoms presenting the opportunity for the body to heal itself once it is supported by quality sourced vitamins and minerals and food choices.

The free Vitamin 101 workshop will be presented by Dr. Alan Arstikaitis and will be held on Monday April 22, 2019 at 6:00 PM CST at the Chiropractic Memphis Germantown Southwind TN office located at 7878 Winchester Rd, Memphis TN 38125. Prior registration Is required by calling 901.795.6363 extension 1 on or before the day of the workshop.

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