Chiropractic Memphis Germantown Southwind chiropractic hosting community dinner

Dr. Alan Arstikaitis of Chiropractic Memphis Germantown Southwind chiropractic team is hosting a Free community dinner at the Olive Garden restaurant on Monday February 24th 2020 Germantown TN

February 21 2020 Germantown TN

Chiropractic Memphis Germantown Southwind professional chiropractic team is hosting a Free community dinner at the Olive Garden restaurant on Monday February 24th February 21 2020 Germantown TN

2020 for adults in the local Memphis and Germantown TN area.

The free community dinner sponsored by Dr. Alan Arstikaitis and team will include a presentation to educate those who participate on how the nervous system when supported by a well adjusted spine can support ultimate health for the entire body. A well adjusted spine frees up the nervous system to process tension and stress with ease relieving issues that clog up the nervous system causing many types of health issues such as weight gain, lower back pain, constipation and other issues.

When the nervous system is burdened with extra tension and nerve blockage occurs because of the spine being misaligned, pain occurs and the body tries to accommodate the “malfunction” and over compensate for the injury. The effects of Subluxation or nerve interference may cause a wide array of health issues The C1 to Ce discs upper cervical’ primary function is supporting the digestive system, vision, balance and the immune system. The C4 to C7 discs lower cervical supports nerve function of the upper arms, shoulder and metabolism. The T1 to T3 discs upper thoracic supports the upper GI, respiratory system and cardiac function. The T4 to T 7 discs discs support the major digestive system, detox and immunity. The T8 through T12 discs lower Thoracic supports stress response, filtration, elimination, Gut, Digestion and hormonal control. The L1 to the Sacrum support the lower GI, Gut. Immune system and major hormonal control.

Dr. Alan Arstikaitis comments “ The Spine is a central part of our nervous system that regulates the majority of our health systems to support optimal health. A well adjusted spine is crucial to experiencing superior health. There are so many health issues that can be cured by just getting regular spinal adjustments. Every age can benefit from regular spinal adjustments. We have seen children with ear infections get relief without surgery and older patients get relief from back pain and neck pain. Regular spinal adjustments have helped our patients have an overall sense of well being. We encourage people of all ages to get spinal adjustments on a regular schedule and feel the difference in their over all health.”

Dr. Alan Arstikaitis is the lead chiropractor and owner of Germantown Southwind TN Chiropractic Memphis clinic. He has served the Germantown Memphis community for over 18 years. He manages a very successful practice and enjoys educating the public through these free community dinners about the spine and how regular adjustments can improve anyone’s life style with more flexibility because of the well adjusted aligned spine.

The free community dinner will be held at Olive Garden restaurant on Monday February 24th 2020 at 6:00 PM at 7778 Winchester Rd Memphis TN 38125. Reservations are required and this is an adult only event. Please call 901.795.6363 ext 1 to reserve your seat as soon as possible. You may also visit Chiropractic Memphis website for additional information about Dr. Alan’s chiropractic services.

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