Chipped Broken Fractured Tooth Treatments with Dental Crowns North Arlington NJ

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Smile Design Specialist: Richard Ekstein, DMD (201-991-1228), a Smile Makeover Dentist servicing the North Arlington, Harrison and Kearny NJ areas, offers dental crowns and bridges for chipped, broken, fractured tooth treatments.

With their move to specialize in Smile Makeover and restorative dentistry, the office is now better positioned to assist patients who need chipped, broken, fractured tooth treatments as seen here

The practice is conveniently located at 312 Belleville Turnpike #3B, North Arlington, NJ 07031 and welcomes patients from Harrison, Kearny and other nearby areas and their website is here

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix a broken or chipped tooth at home. If you’re sustained damage to one of your teeth Smile Design Specialist can talk you through any immediate first aid and schedule an appointment as soon as necessary.

It can often be difficult to identify the exact nature of an injury without professional dental knowledge, so we need to be able to examine your teeth to properly diagnose and treat the issue.

Immediately after damaging a tooth, it’s a good idea to rinse your mouth gently with warm water. Spit the water into a glass, in case any pieces of the tooth have come loose. If there are any loose pieces, bring them in with you for your dentist appointment.

If there’s bleeding, gently apply pressure with gauze or cotton wool for about ten minutes. An ice pack on the side of your face can help to reduce swelling, as well as over-the-counter ibuprofen.

There’s a good chance you will notice when your tooth becomes chipped or broken. You might feel the fracture happening, as localised pain radiating from the tooth, or hear a cracking sound while chewing. You’ll probably also be able to feel a chip or crack with your tongue.

That said, you may not always notice straight away especially if the injury is minor. If the break hasn’t exposed the inner layers of your tooth, you may not feel any pain at all. Nonetheless, it’s still important to see a dentist as the chip or break can worsen over time.

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