Chip Tuning Blog Publishes New Guide On Mercedes Chip Tuning For Peak Performance

Chip Tuning Blog helps people discover how programming a car’s on-board computer can increase its performance, and has published amazing tuning profiles for high end Mercedes models.

Cars have become more and more technically advanced with every passing year, and the increase in high performance and high efficiency mechanical parts has also led to an increase in the amount of electronics used in cars. These electronics must be controlled by sophisticated computers, and this has led a small but growing group of enthusiasts to understand how these computers can be tuned aftermarket to produce even better performance. Chip Tuning Blog tracks the latest of these developments, and has just published new chip tuning guide for high end Mercedes models.

Both the C350 Hybrid and the CLA 45 editorials describe where individuals can find tuning profiles for the cars and what is included in them, including an overview of the differences made between the tuning profile and stock profiles, and what these amount to in real performance terms, including everything from increasing torque to overturning arbitrary top speed limitations.

The articles are just two of an ever increasing range, which looks at websites across the internet that are springing up to offer the best in pre-designed tuning files that can simply be uploaded to the ECU to change the car’s performance instantly. Many of these now even feature dyno-tested parameters for guaranteed real world results.

A spokesperson for ChipTuningBlog explained, “Chip Tuning Blog is committed to helping people all around the world to define their automobiles as they want them to be. Often, manufacturers now use the same engine in multiple models and simply change the tuning to increase performance in superior models. We now put the power to tune the car into the hands of the individual, and recommend providers who can make available tuning files that remove many of the artificial limitations placed on today’s vehicles.”

About Chip Tuning Blog: Chip Tuning Blog provides high quality articles about chip tuning for car fanatics around the world. The blog aims to become the main leader in the tuning world where enthusiasts can find useful information about car tuning. Their team consists of a bunch of car freaks who talk everyday about cars and love to write about this topic, writing articles with passion and insight.

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