China Hollywood Delivery, Hollywood, FL., Announced by Snap Delivered.

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Restaurant delivery services for China Hollywood, Hollywood, FL. No menu markups when you order using Snap Delivered. Flat-fee pricing makes it more affordable for your local eatery too.

Snap Delivered, a low-cost restaurant food delivery service in the United States, announces the launch of delivery services for China Hollywood, Hollywood, FL. For more information about delivery services for China Hollywood, Hollywood, FL., visit

After determining that the industry would benefit from an alternative to the existing restaurant food delivery solutions, Snap Delivered is launching all over the US in 2022. The idea behind Snap Delivered was to provide a unique, cost-effective approach to restaurant food delivery. According to Paul Mikel, CEO of Snap Delivered., “The business model was designed to deliver cost savings to the restaurant as well as the customer over high fees charged by some of the existing food delivery service providers.”

While it’s been the practice of restaurant delivery service companies to charge as much as 20-30% of the ticket price for delivery, Snap Delivered has a low, flat fee for food delivery. And there are no hidden fees, which cannot be said of many competing companies. Restaurants that sign up and use Snap Delivered delivery service can expect to keep more of their hard-earned money. See price comparison here –

In addition to providing cost savings for food delivery services to restaurants like China Hollywood, Hollywood, FL., which implements the Snap Delivered app and platform, Snap Delivered also looks out for the best interests of all valued restaurant patrons and delivery drivers. The Snap Delivered model eliminates the common practice of menu-markups utilized by most of the popular delivery companies and allows drivers to operate independently, keeping 100% of tip revenue & getting paid daily. Learn more about customer pricing here –

Snap Delivered officially entered the restaurant food delivery service industry in late 2021 with the successful launch of markets across the US. In order to effectively penetrate, build a presence and quickly gain market share in other cities and suburban USA, the strategy of entering smaller markets, such as Hollywood, FL was initiated. The popular restaurant, China Hollywood, will now offer customers the ability to have food delivered using the latest app in the food delivery industry.

As the company expected, restaurant owners are enthusiastically embracing the new service provider. Mikel said, “Our disruptive pricing model has much lower fees than the current, well-known delivery companies, making our service more favorable to restaurants as well as consumers.”

While other companies require restaurants to wait a week or more for settlement of 70%-80% of delivery and carryout revenues, the Snap Delivered model provides 100% daily settlement. And Snap Delivered provides the opportunity for additional revenue streams to the restaurant through referral revenues by the recruitment of customers, drivers, and other restaurants to the platform.

With the addition of new restaurants like China Hollywood, Hollywood, FL., Snap Delivered is positioning for exponential growth in 2022. Snap Delivered expects its platform to become the preferred restaurant delivery service by restaurants and consumers for their fair delivery pricing and the company is prepared to take the industry by storm. Learn more here –

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