China Executive Headhunters & Market Entry Recruitment Agency Services Announced

The renowned China recruitment agency SHI Group China, available for consultations at 872-228-2002, has announced an expansion of the trusted recruitment services it offers Western companies in China looking to find trustworthy talent with character to take their business forward.

The acclaimed recruitment agency SHI Group China has announced an expansion of the trusted headhunting and recruitment services it is able to offer Western companies already active or looking to enter in the Chinese market.

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SHI Group China is one of the premiere recruitment agencies in China with more than 20 years of experience helping Western companies already present or wishing to enter in the Chinese market save time, money and stress finding trustworthy talent with character that can make their business successful.

The headhunting agency has announced an expansion of the coveted executive recruitment services it is able to offer businesses across all sectors who want to find and attract world class general managers or operations, finance, quality, supply chain, engineering and sales leaders that actually fit in their organization and can lead the firm forward.

Its seasoned team of headhunters uses a proven 10 step AccuHire recruitment process that goes far beyond the customary professional track record check to verify the credentials and leadership potential of each candidate. This intensive vetting process is coupled with a high-touch, partner-led service that understands the unique challenges or objectives of each organization and strives to pinpoint the executives with the most suitable set of skills, qualifications and personality traits.

The SHI Group China team explain that “the first step for great results in China is choosing the right talent but 72% of Chinese managers hired by Western companies in China have falsified or lied about their experience and credentials to get the position. In this high-stakes competition for the best executive talent in China, the cost of a bad hire can be great. We practically eliminate that risk by finding trustworthy talent with character.”

Consultations with the SHI Group China and more information on the range of recruitment services it offers companies established or entering China can be requested at 872 228-2002 or through the website link provided above along with details on its intensive AcuHire recruitment process, its Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Chicago offices or its proven track record helping companies save time, money and stress building successful leadership teams in China.

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