Chimney Sweeping Service Making a Comeback in Abilene TX

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Cameron's Duct Cleaning announces its affordable chimney sweeping service in Abilene, TX and explains 5 benefits of the service. More info can be found at

Cameron’s Duct Cleaning, a full service commercial and residential air duct cleaning service in Gorman, TX, has announced it provides chimney sweeping service. The company serves Eastland County, Callahan, Taylor, Comanche, and other surrounding counties. As part of this announcement, the company explains 5 benefits of the chimney sweeping service, which consumers will find interesting…

Clean air in the home is important. Anyone who enjoys a fire in the fireplace is familiar with this: the family room and the rest of the house looking hazy from the smoke.

A clean chimney working at its best efficiently exhausts that smoke to the outside. Creosote, soot, and other buildup adheres to the chimney, slowing the movement of smoke to the outside.

Chimney sweeping can reduce exposure to carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible and odorless gas that is highly dangerous.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, “approximately 50,0000 people in the U.S. visit the emergency department each year due to accidental CO poisoning.

If you use your fireplace, you must keep your chimney clean. Open wood fires produce carbon monoxide in levels that can be fatal. Good, clear airflow helps your chimney vent CO to the outside, protecting family, friends, and pets on the inside of the house.

Though it may seem far-fetched, chimney fires are a potential catastrophe. While enjoying the warmth and glow of the fire, buildup of sticky, concentrated creosote is highly flammable and could catch fire inside the chimney.

These chimney fires damage the inside of the chimney, which could lead to costly repair or replacement. Worse still, a chimney fire could also lead to a house fire. Working with a chimney sweep will help avoid these risks.

Chimney cleaning itself is a dangerous task. To properly clean a chimney, one must use a ladder to get up on the roof to clean around the chimney’s crown. Climbing ladders and walking on the roof could lead to a dangerous and/or fatal fall.

Save yourself time and money by hiring a chimney sweep. You know the feeling. Saturday comes, and you’d just like to enjoy some time with family and friends. But the chimney must be cleaned. How to do it? After spending hours researching the project, running back and forth from the hardware store, and climbing up and down the ladder, the cleaning took longer than you thought. And was it done right?

Cameron’s Duct Cleaning offers 100% free estimates in their service area. Knowledgeable and courteous technicians will come to your home or business to perform an onsite estimate. They will answer all your questions.

Free estimates may even be done via email. Just follow some simple instructions, and then email the team a few pictures you take.

The idea for creating the air duct cleaning and the chimney sweeping business came about when founder Lani Cameron, an HVAC service professional, noticed a void in the Abilene TX and Eastland County TX areas.

Cameron says, “our team lives and works in this community. It’s important to help our friends and neighbors feel safe in their homes.”

Cameron’s Duct Cleaning is ready to serve your chimney sweeping and air duct cleaning needs. To find out more about the services and schedule your free estimate, please call (325) 733-8548 and visit

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