Chimichanga Taco Tee Shirts Heat Reveal Mugs & Kids Soup Bowls Launched

The Sci-Fi Geek Store released a new line of Deadpool gear for all those who love the Marvel anti-hero and want to celebrate the release of the sequel.

The popular Sci-Fi Geek Store launched a new range of Deadpool t-shirts, keychains, coffee mugs and shot glasses for all those who love the Marvel antihero and are excited about the release of the sequel this May 18.

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The Sci-Fi Geek Store is the online store most sci-fi fans around the world are turning to for funny, original merchandise about their favorite movies, comics, superheroes and videogame characters, all at really low prices.

For all those who are into the famous Marvel antihero Deadpool and excited about the release of the sequel this May, the store has just launched a new line of gear.

This includes rubber keychains with the mask or the logo, mugs that change imagery when the hot coffee is poured in, plastic 25oz soup bowls for the kids, and even shot glasses or salt & pepper shaker sets for parties and those who love to host.

It also includes an original range of tees, zip up hoodies and tank tops with the logo, the mask, the outfit, drawings from the comics, and some of the most iconic moments from the two movies, including the Chimichangas, Tacos, Loserville and Common Sense quotes.

For the ladies who loved the film, there are also classy Deadpool umbrellas, hair sticks inspired by the katanas he uses in the movie, or t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops with a slimmer fit.

For all those who prefer other superheroes or characters, the store also has gear inspired by Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, the Avengers, Batman, Captain America, Game of Thrones or The Joker, among many others.

The team behind the Sci-Fi Geek Store explains “we’re just a bunch of sci-fi geeks that got together and decided to start offering some really cool stuff to our fellow geeks. Deadpool is obviously one of our favorites, and the gear we’ve been able to put together shows that.”

To see the new Deadpool t-shirts, keychains and mugs the store has just released or all the gear they have for other movies and characters, sci-fi fans can visit their store at the website link provided above.

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