Chimfab Chimney Supply store now offers SaverSystems Chimney RX products

Chimfab of Hartford, CT adds great new line of products. The SaverSystems ChimneyRX line for creosote removal, joint sealing, masonry crack repair, crown repair and much more.

Customers looking for quality chimney repair supplies can now purchase SaverSystems Products from Chimfab LLC of Hartford, CT. This offering is a recent upgrade to the new Chimfab website which was recently launched. The detailed product listings and descriptions can be found at:

The SaverSystems Chimney RX Products are designed to appeal specifically to Connecticut homeowners, and chimney repair companies. As proper care and maintenance of a chimney can save homeowners costly repair and maintenance bills, these excellent chimney products provide solutions for many of the top issues tackled by homeowners and chimney repair companies.  

The Supersavers product line is comprehensive and offers solutions to the following chimney problems.

Creosote removal: Creosote builds up in chimneys and can become a serious fire hazard if untreated.

Masonry crack repair: Masonry cracks allow water to get in and degrade chimneys prematurely.

Chimney Crown crack repair. Chimney crown cracks allow the elements in where they don’t belong.

Water penetration: Water penetrating chimneys can lead to very costly repairs.

Flashing Sealant: Seals flashing and shingles to stop water intrusion.

Chimney Hearth and Grill Cleaning: Cleaning a chimney hearth or grill made simple.

Chimney Crown Repair: Forms a flexible waterproof membrane over the surface of the crown.

Karl Schlessler Chimfab’s Product manager said the following about this announcement.

“The staff at Chimfab is very excited to offer the ChimneyRx product line. For years Chimfab has strived to provide the best products at the best prices possible. The Supersavers products are a great addition. They have a product for just about any chimney repair needed. From cleaning and sealing to actual masonry repair, the products are fantastic. The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive.”  

Those interested in learning more about the Chimfab company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing the products can go directly to the product page by clicking on the SaverSystems link. 

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