Chilean Businesses Increase Online Marketing Presence Using This Agencia SEO

Mountain Top Marketing Chile announced the availability of their new Agencia SEO marketing service beginning immediately. More information at

Chilean business owners looking for the most reputable “Agencia SEO” are now able to work with Mountain Top Marketing Chile. Today, Michael Emery, founder of Mountain Top Marketing Chile releases the details of the new online marketing services.

The marketing services are designed specifically for Chilean small-to-medium sized businesses and includes:

1. Website evaluation and keyword optimization suggestions – this is an important step that will ensure that a Chilean business is focus upon keyword phrases that actually drive traffic locally and abroad.

2. Onsite optimization – this is the process that ensures a website loads quickly, uses the proper formatting and will not be penalized by Google or Bing.

3. English marketing – ensures that marketing efforts targeting English speakers are not lost because of grammatical or syntactic errors.

4. Social media campaign – targeted amplification of social media presence to ensure that a business’ website is gaining exposure within the social networks.

5. Press release submissions – ensure that new services and products are made public to the various media outlets locally and worldwide for press pickup.

6. High quality PBN submissions to private blog networks – the other SEO Agencies in Chile do not have access to these networks which will greatly enhance the online exposure of a website within its target market.

Mountain Top Marketing Chile also provides consulting services which is an excellent source of guidance for online marketing in medium-sized business that already have in-house web designers and marketing personnel.

When asked about his agency’s SEO and online marketing service, Michael Emery, said:

“I’ve been involved in online marketing since 2007. I’ve lost a tremendous amount of money to so-called SEO experts who did nothing but get my websites blacklisted and banned from Google searches. The internet provides a goldmine of opportunities and it is the only place where a business can get in front of targeted traffic searching for buying phrases. Learning how to do SEO is one thing that most businesses can’t afford to bypass. However, learning takes a long time. It took me the better part of 6 years to figure out a system that actually works. Most small to medium sized businesses don’t have the time to train someone in SEO. The best approach for them is to outsource their online marketing to an experienced search engine optimizer who can give action-oriented insight regarding necessary website changes and also manage their offsite SEO strategies. Up until four years ago, SEO meant the creation of backlinks from other websites and the more the better. If a business tries that today they will dramatically plummet in Google’s search index. That is an expensive mistake to make because it could be years before a website ranking comes back.”

Michael Emery is particularly excited about this launch because it is going to help small-to-medium sized businesses position their websites and get the traffic they need to be profitable. One last suggestion is if a business is evaluating an SEO agency’s offer, be sure to check the agency’s website in to verify that the agency knows how to do onsite website optimization.

The Mountain Top Marketing Chile website’s score report is available at:

A score of less than an “A” for the PageSpeed Score and a “B” for the YSlow Score (which is much more difficult to obtain) should be an indicator that the SEO agency being evaluated does not know what they are doing and will likely cause more damage than good.

Those interested in learning more about Mountain Top Marketing Chile and their Agencia SEO service can do so on the website at

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