Childrens Teamwork Story Santa’s Snowy Adventure Free Audiobook Launched

Tracy Elman, the author of Santa's Snowy Adventure and a range of other books, has launched a new free audiobook campaign. Customers can get the audiobook with every purchase of the print book.

Children’s author Tracy Elman has launched a free audiobook campaign for customers who buy a print copy of Santa’s Snowy Adventure, which is available on Amazon. The book details what happens when Santa’s sleigh gets frozen to the ice, and it takes a lot of teamwork and some creative thinking by Jeffery the Surfer Reindeer to help ensure that children around the world don’t miss out on Christmas.

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The site explains that Tracy Elman has brought Christmas time to life in a magical way, and inside the story is hidden a message for children about the virtues of working together, keeping promises, and being good year round so that Santa will visit them.

Buying the book now gives customers access to the free audiobook, which children can listen along to as their parents read out the book, following in the adventure and listening to the story at the same time.

Tracy Elman is an author, storyteller, narrator and public speaker, and has written a wide range of books across numerous different topics. She has been awarded the Excellence eLit Bronze Medal for the book, and served as a judge for the SAG-AFTRA Awards.

She was born in Los Angeles, and grew up with a love of acting, singing, and writing. Her Amazon page listing explains that she is an engaging and vibrant storyteller who is knowledgeable and versatile in many areas, and as a narrator has voiced over 65 recorded characters, with appearances including commercials, magazines, newspapers and radio interviews.

Santa’s Snowy Adventure begins with Santa setting off for his yearly adventure. He kisses Mother Christmas goodbye and sets off in his sleigh laden with presents and pulled by Jeffrey the Surfer Reindeer and his friends. But when the sleigh stops, it gets stuck in the snow and ice.

It raises questions over whether Santa and his helpers will be able to free their sleigh in time to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls waiting for Christmas.

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