Children’s Mermaid Tails Costume For Swimming On Amazon Collection Launched

Ocea Creations, a prominent mermaid swim tails manufacturer, announced an expansion of the popular Ocea Creations Mermaid Tails 2016 collection with the release of several new child and teen sizes on its and storefronts.

The prominent children mermaid swim tails manufacturer, Ocea Creations, has announced the expansion of its Ocea Creations Mermaid Tails 2016 collection with the introduction of several new child and teen sizes.

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Ocea Creations is an innovative product manufacturer and retailer providing customers with leisure products for children at affordable prices. The firm has announced an expansion of the popular Ocea Creations Mermaid Tails collection with the release of new child-medium, child-large, teen-small and teen-medium sizes, on its and storefronts.

The Ocea Creations Mermaid Tails are a complete mermaid swim costume, including a mermaid tail for the legs with 4-way stretchable fabric that facilitates the release of water and an exposed monofin that adapts to all feet sizes, specifically tailored to provide a comfortable, fun and safe experience for children in the water.

Designed with the help of former Cirque du Soleil professionals, the mermaid tails are available in three different patterns and colors, including pink and purple pearls, green scales or blue waves. The monofins are also a drawing board for children to customize with a non-toxic and non-permanent coloring marker included in every order.

According to Ocea Creations, the full mermaid tail set was carefully developed to endure prolonged usage in pools, lakes or oceans by combining water-friendly, fade proof and chlorine safe materials with the high-quality 4-way stretch fabric used by professional swimming acrobats.

Extensive advice and instructions on how to use the mermaid tails, for both parents and children, along with a ‘kids zone’ providing free certificates, diaries and coloring books or instructional videos on the dolphin kick swimming technique, are available on company’s website at the link provided above.

Additional information on the product’s features and newly released sizes along with multiple five star customer and parent reviews are available on the Ocea Creations’ Amazon storefront at….

Ocea Creations is currently donating $1 from every Ocea Creations Mermaid Tails sale to the Sylvia Earle Mission Blue Foundation to help “protect our greatest asset, the oceans and all the creatures within it for our generation and future generations of mermaids”.

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