Childrens Friendship Poems Kindness Illustrated Juvenile Fiction Book Announced

The popular children’s book “Oh, Sweet Pea You Are Beautiful” telling the story of a little princess and sharing valuable lessons on kindness, friendship and inner beauty for grade school girls through charming, age-appropriate poems and engaging illustrations has been released in paperback format.

The acclaimed juvenile fiction author B.G. Jenkins announced the paperback version release of her highly popular children’s book “Oh, Sweet Pea You Are Beautiful” with a fun and engaging illustrated poem story that teaches grade school children the importance of gratitude, kindness and friendship.

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B.G. Jenkins is a highly popular and prolific Forth Worth, Texas based children’s author committed and passionate about inspiring boys and girls to open their minds to the power of reading and creative writing with her broad variety of widely acclaimed, fun and educational illustrated poetry books.

Her latest release, “Oh, Sweet Pea You Are Beautiful”, chronicling the fictional story of Sweet Pea, a little flower princess who loves showing kindness and gratitude towards her friends to teach children valuable age-appropriate lessons on humbleness, friendship, kindness and inner beauty, is now available in paperback format to provide the perfect Christmas gift for little girls aged between 6-8.

The fun, charming and inspirational Sweet Pea story and the valuable life lessons for grade school girls in the newly released “Oh, Sweet Pea You Are Beautiful” are shared through an enticing and exciting age-appropriate poem by B.G. Jenkins and highly engaging and attention-grabbing illustrations by the renowned Nadica Zlatkova Mitevska.

More information on B.G. Jenkins and her wide range of children’s books or details on the new “Oh, Sweet Pea You Are Beautiful”, now available at an affordable price in both Kindle and paperback versions, and its enticing, educational and fun story about friends, kindness and inner beauty or engaging illustrations along with multiple reader and parent reviews can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The author, B.G. Jenkins, explains that “my love for poetry began early, in grade 5, and my goal is to inspire children to open their minds to the power of reading. Sweet Pea is a flower princess who loves showing her love and gratitude towards her friends. When others try to praise her, she humbly points out all the things they’ve done for her. It’s a sweet story poem that teaches children gratitude and kindness in an enticing way with beautiful illustrations that will grab the attention of little girls who love princesses.”

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