Children’s Extreme Cycling Gloves Kids Bike & Funkier Force Jersey Site Launched

Little Pro, a new online store for young children's cycling equipment, has launched. It offers a range of products, including gloves, jerseys and shorts, to help keep them safe while they enjoy the extreme sports they love.

A new online store for children’s cycling equipment has launched, helping parents of children in the 2 – 6 year old bracket to source the best safety gear for children who want to try out more extreme cycling sports. The equipment is traditionally hard to find, but Little Pro aims to make it as easy as possible, so children can stay safe while they enjoy the sports they like.

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The site was founded by Paul Ebrey, a father of two active kids who struggled to find the eight equipment for his children when they expressed an interest in more extreme sports. While helmets were easy to find, the other equipment, including tops, shorts, and gloves, were more difficult.

Many sports outlets simply don’t cater for younger children, with many of them starting at six years old. Paul took to the internet to see if there were any options available, but he quickly realised that there wasn’t enough out there catering to the younger market.

Little Pro brings together all the products that he could find for the younger child age group, and is also in the process of creating its own custom range. These products will be created with the children in mind, helping to ensure the highest quality.

A wide range of products are available on the site, including Funkier Force Kids Short Sleeve Jerseys, Altura Children’s Sprint Mitts, and a selection of other gloves, jerseys, shorts and trousers.

Gloves are used to help keep the children’s hands warm and protected when they’re out, keeping them safe both while gripping the handlebars, and if they happen to fall off. The jerseys are all strong, tough and long lasting, and are designed for both boys and girls. The shorts and trousers are also available for both boys and girls.

Free shipping is provided on all orders over £25 and a wide range of payment methods are accepted on the Little Pro children’s cycling equipment site.

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