Childrens Books Self Publishing Guide Online Business Video Training Launched

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A personal finance specialist has created a YouTube video series detailing how to start a new career and make a reliable income by writing and self-publishing children’s books.

Hamilton Keats of personal finance YouTube channel Azoras has launched the first video of a two-part series that teaches viewers how to start a new career by writing children’s books.

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The video titled “Can You Make $100/Day Writing A Children’s Book? [I Find Out]” offers viewers a step-by-step guide on how to earn by authoring and self-publishing their work. The content of the video was based on Mr. Keats’s own experience in launching his debut title “Seeking Azoras” on Amazon.

Beginning with research, the guide shows how to identify topics and themes that have the potential to sell well on the e-commerce platform. This process involves looking at the best-selling titles on Amazon and the category they belong in.

According to the video, categories with lower volume sales are easier to rank higher in because of the lack of competition.

Mr. Keats then talks about the writing process, including how he outlined his story and the premise of the book. For his title, he followed the basic three-act structure used in most narrative fiction.

The video also covers illustrations and how to find artists online. It also talks about a simpler way to prepare the book for publishing on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Publishing and marketing make up the last two sections of the guide. Here, Mr. Keats offers tips on how to make one’s book appear on additional categories as Kindle limits an author to two upon signing up.

He explained that by following his method, one’s book has a higher chance of being more visible to potential buyers.

For marketing, the video talks about how to search for keywords that have high search volumes and low competition. Mr. Keats also said that he created a marketing roadmap for his work whose results will be revealed in the second part of the series.

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