Childrens Bible in Stories Home Learning For Christian Families Books Launched

An illustrated children’s Bible story series has been launched to help Christian families easily learn the teachings of the Bible from home. The high-quality Bible in Stories 3 book volume features over 400 different stories.

A new illustrated children’s Bible book series has been launched to help Christian families easily learn religious teachings from home. The Bible in Stories 3 volume set is designed to inspire both children and adults to understand and remember more of the Bible.

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The newly launched series is designed as a tool to encourage understanding, teachings, and exploration of the Bible. Three volumes are available containing 400 Bible stories, which make the teachings accessible for people who want to learn and study from home.

During times of change or uncertainty, many people turn to the Bible and religious teachings to find comfort and support. The Bible in Stories collection can enable people to find the answers and spiritual guidance they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Illustrations play a crucial role and can help parents to explain and bring to life the teachings within the Bible. The series can bring families together so they can learn, share their ideas, and explore the lesser known teachings and lessons.

Adults and children alike can gain an in depth understanding of the Bible with the Bible in Stories series and are challenged to consider what they have been reading. The built-in review system asks questions that people can read by themselves or discuss with their families. This approach is designed to help people better remember and absorb what they have learnt.

Each story focuses on biblical accuracy and providing integrity to learners, whether they are at home or studying in church. The artwork is designed to hold the attention of children and engage them in a way other books may not be able to.

A reviewer wrote: “Family devotions were an important part of my family life growing up, and I have great memories of those times. I want my kids to have the same memories and even better ones.”

“We remember and learn by pictures and we are completely confident in the accuracy of the Bible in Stories series. It presents so many stories that our children’s other Bible storybooks did not,” they added.

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