Children’s Author Laura Ceville Celebrates 3 Years Since Launch Of My Dog Jack

Children’s author Laura Ceville is celebrating three years since the publication of her book, My Dog, Jack, by writing a new ebook. The first book, which she illustrated as well, has received praise for its charming story and characterful illustrations.

Three years ago, Laura Ceville became a published children’s author when her debut picture book My Dog, Jack was released by Gypsy Publications. The dog in the book was based on her real life pet, who turns 10 this year – and to celebrate, Ceville is penning a new ebook to mark the occasion.

More information on her debut book can be found on its Amazon page:

My Dog, Jack is a story about a boy who gets his first ever puppy from his dad. The trouble is, he can’t think what to call it, so what follows is a charming book that sees the young boy getting to know his pet and trying to discover the perfect name to call his new best friend. He starts off with a name in mind, but as the excitable young dog gets itself into different situations throughout the book, the boy flips between different options that spring up, seeming to match the puppy’s personality.

The book is fully illustrated throughout, and Laura Ceville illustrated the book as well, with characterful drawings that capture the facial expressions of the fluffy new puppy. Ceville has always enjoyed art, and dreamed of writing and illustrating her own stories. The combined skill set is particularly useful when stories are inspired by family pets.

Ceville captures the soft, sweet eyes that puppies display when they rip open things they’re not supposed to get their paws on, and the playful positions they find themselves in as they get up to their typical mischief. It combines to make a book that is receiving high praise on Amazon from parents.

Laura Ceville was born in Panama City, Panama. She came to the United States at a very young age and fell in love with the English language. She majored in English at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado and graduated in 2002 as a Second Lieutenant. She separated from the Air Force in 2006, seeking to pursue the dream of getting published. Her new ebook will be available on Amazon shortly.

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