Children And Teens Financial Education Online Training Platform Launched

A financial educational platform has been launched to help children and young people learn life skills about money management, savings, and investments so they can avoid financial mistakes.

A new online educational platform has been launched to teach children and teenagers about finance. FUNancial Freedom aims to teach people the secrets of online smart money skills, business ideas, and fun financial facts and education via its platform Mojomami.

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The new platform has been launched in a bid to compensate for the lack of financial education available to young people in schools. Financial understanding and management are arguably key life skills that will help young people to future-proof their finances and avoid bad debt.

FUNancial Freedom suggests now more than ever, young people need access to accurate financial information to help them navigate the challenges they will likely face in life. It uses America as an example, citing that over 12% of Americans have applied for unemployment benefits in the wake of the global pandemic.

It also suggests that prior to the pandemic, 1 in 3 Americans had less than $1,000 in savings. The company argues children are not taught how to manage their money, they are left to figure it out for themselves and risk making mistakes that have the potential to set them back in life. the online platform provides an opportunity to change the future for children and teenagers by giving them the right kind of education. The expert team behind the platform say that they were never given the opportunity to learn about managing, saving, or investing money. They had to learn through trial and error.

To provide financial security, the platform teaches children how to understand financial concepts such as compounding interest rates in a relatable way, how to make money including a step-by-step guide on 30 different home-based businesses they can easily start, and how to manage their money for financial freedom.

It will also highlight how to save using a simple fun saving system that creates good savings habits for life, as well as insights into investing their money wisely for the future, so they can create tangible wealth.

A happy parent said: “I wasn’t sure this could actually deliver what it promises. In fact, it turned out to be far more comprehensive and wide-reaching than I had expected. I have not seen this subject taken from big picture to fine details in such an easy to understand way. I learned a lot and only wish this kind of stuff were taught in every school from a young age – highly recommend.”

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