Childhood Secrets Survivor Roadmap Guilt Freedom & Forgiveness Book Re-Released

In the just released third edition of John Eckeberger's “The Secrets We Keep”, the author crafts a clever recollection of his past that imparts wisdom and offers others ways to understand and deal with similar situations so that they heal, forgive and live fulfilling lives.

Texas-based author John Eckeberger, a minister, has re-released his book “The Secrets We Keep”. The third edition release of the title is now available in print and kindle on Amazon. Consisting of a road map for survivors of childhood secrets, this title aids to free the survivor from their emotional shackles, and offers practical insight into forgiveness and finding a voice to speak out.

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Recently released, the third edition of the “The Secrets We Keep” is a road map for survivors of childhood secrets – for the children themselves and for loved ones helping the child to heal – with seven distinct milestones and practical guidelines that will assist on the journey to recovery. The book also shows readers how to loosen their emotional shackles – guilt, shame, and anger – and to use these emotions positively in everyday life.

By helping other childhood secret survivors to find their voice and to speak out about their experiences, this title empowers those who may feel powerless to bring about change and to regain control. Plus, the book helps the child and their loved ones to heal and find a way to forgive, without excusing the wrong done, so that they can move on.

An in-depth and thought-provoking book, “The Secrets We Keep” is profound in its explanation of childhood secrets. As such, it helps others learn how to be survivors rather than victims, so readers take a victorious path from the darkness into triumph.

John Eckeberger, who has served in ministry positions throughout his life, is also a childhood secrets survivor. Although, Eckeberger’s home life and up-bringing were in a loving and spiritually healthy family. Eckeberger writes with deep understanding and imparts wisdom so that others learn from his own experiences so they too can deal with their own events.

With a 5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, one reader of the title said, “Good book. It’s unbelievable what a child can be going through without anyone even knowing it. I was so glad to see the way he faced his perpetrator and the way his family handled it once they got together. Best line in the book, well I hate to give it away so I’ll just say if you’re struggling with forgiveness or restitution or what to do you can get some good pointers here.”

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