Child Custody Lawyer In Media, PA Provides Crucial Advice For Custody Agreements

Many people think that they always have access to a lawyer, that isn’t always the truth. Child custody Lawyer in Media, PA, Arik Benari, reveals what your options are in these situations.

It is a generally understood right of all citizens that when someone is accused of a crime, he or she is guaranteed representation by a lawyer of their own or one that is appointed by the court – but most people do not understand that lawyers aren’t guaranteed in civil suits. “If someone hasn’t been accused of a crime and instead needs a lawyer to fight for child custody rights or to settle the terms of a divorce, they have to pay for one or represent themselves,” Arik Benari of The Benari Law Group Delaware County child custody law firm, states: “People who cannot afford a Child Custody lawyer are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to these kinds of cases. It puts children in danger because the better parent isn’t necessarily the one who can afford a lawyer.”

Those who are fighting for child custody in Media, PA should know what options are available to them. “Our family lawyers provide consultations so that we can meet with the potential client. Not only does this allow us to get to know the case, but it also gives those potential clients the chance to know us. You can tell rather quickly whether or not you can work with someone. Until the justice gap is fixed, this is a way to at least get some insight into your case,” Benari explains.

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At the state level, legislators and activists are fighting for better funding for legal aid for civil cases, though that battle still has some way to go.

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