Chickadee Window Bird Feeder With Suction Cups & Clear Seed Reservoir Launched

The Birdswire announced it is offering a clear, durable window bird feeder with suction cups to mount on the outside of the home and watch small birds like Chickadees or Nuthatches up close.

Birdswire announced their new, original window bird feeder with suction cups tailor-made for bird watchers and families with children or cats who want to have some fun observing the birds up close from the inside.

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Birdwatching is on the rise in America, with the latest stats indicating more than 45 million people, including many millennials in their 20s, watch birds around their home and away at parks around the country.

To make it easier for all these avid bird watchers and the families with children or cats who want to have some fun watching birds up close from the inside, Birdswire is offering a new, original window bird feeder.

Made with strong suction cups and sturdy, clear plastic, the feeding station can be securely mounted on any kitchen, office or living room window and is able withstand even the most harsh weather conditions with ease.

It also features a seed reservoir that easily slides out to clean or fill and holds up to 1lb of sunflower or any other mixed seed the family wants to use to attract small wild backyard birds like Chickadees, Nuthatches and even Cardinals.

The feeder is available on Amazon at prices any avid birdwatcher can afford, and shipped in a cardboard box to anywhere in the country.

A client who got the bird feeder explained “my husband loves this. He has it on the outside of his office window and loves to watch the Cardinals. We loved it so much we bought a second one to hang on our family room window and watch them from the sofa.” Another one added “I live in the city with a large back yard and the birds came right away. It really is good relaxation.”

To get the new window bird feeder, see how it will look mounted on the window and find out more about all its original features, clients can visit the Birdswire Amazon storefront at the link provided above or check a video

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